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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm allison starling. we have your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here is adam caskey. >> good morning. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. not bad out there, actually refreshing. don't think about putting the air-conditioning on today or the next couple of days. it is going to be fantastic. let's take a look at the temperatures. arlington, 63. ashburn at 60. frederick, 67. brunswick is 69. either you're in the 50's or low 60's. one exception is reagan national. the warm spot at 66. here is your forecast today. mostly sunny skies. 78 for the high temperature. upper 70's. very low humidity. a bit breezy. northwesterly winds at 10-20-mile-per-hour. scattered clouds in the afternoon and high temperatures in mid to upper 70's. lisa, how are the roads looking?
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>> great. 95 in maryland, no problems to report all around the beltway. no issues on 66. the greenway, the dulles toll road. good run on 95. a quiet trip along 395. metro rail, first trains out on normal service. >> our top story at this hour is still developing. two women fighting for their lives after a car jumped a curb and slammed into the side of a restaurant. this morning, though, there are still more questions than answers. >> this all happened shortly before 9:00 last night. that's where pamela brown is standing by live with the latest details. >> charges are pending against that female driver. this was quite a scene last night. you can see from the aftermath behind me here. all the debris in front of this popular ethiopian restaurant in
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adams morgan. it is now boarded up. authorities are still trying to piece together how this happened. the sound of impact from this white car crashing into the front of this popular ethiopian restaurant echoed throughout this busy section of adams morgan. >> a lot of squeaking and tires hitting the curbs and the glass flying. not a pretty scene. >> the female driver of the car lost control, ran on to the sidewalk and hit two women before slamming into the restaurant. the two pedestrians, who are in their 20's, were transfered to the hospital. the driver refused to be transported to hospital and was irate as she was being handcuffed. >> there is no sense to it. >> the crash happened just before 9:00 on wednesday night. restaurants packed with people quickly cleared out after the crash. no patrons were injured but it
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left many shaken up. >> i was pretty scared. didn't want to finish the food. >> authorities are still investigating, talking to eyewitness, trying to figure out what factors may have been involved in this crash. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. fairfax county investigators are trying to figure out what led to a serious accident that sent nine feem the hospital. police -- people to the hospital. police say a van and s.u.v. collided at the intersection of commerce street and lois field drive. we are just two days away from marking nine years since 9/11 and across the country, tensions are running high. now this morning there is more opposition to a defiant florida pastor's plan to burn copies of
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the koran. we have a long list of people who are now speaking out. >> good morning. there are a lot of people speaking out about this. we're hear from everyday americans, political figures like the secretary of state, hillary clinton, republican leader john bohner, sarah palin, pat robertson. it seems like most of the world is opposed to terry jones' plan to burn copies to have muslim holy book. he is adamant that he will go forward with the burning despite concerns that it will endanger american troops and the event itself might be targeted by extremists. requests for him to cancel are falling on deaf ears. last night on "larry king live" we heard from the imam who wants to build a mosque near the twin
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towers. he said like jones he will not back down. coming up, we'll tell you how local leaders are helping our area understand the koran. >> courtney, tough very much. president obama -- thank you very much. president obama hopes tax cut also help jump-start the ailing economy. his plan includes extending and expanding a research and development tax credit and wants to allow businesses to write off plants and equipment. and to end tax cuts for individuals earning more than $200,000. >> in the maryland governor's race g.o.p candidate bob ehrlich and his running mate mary cain will cast their ballots today. the former governor says he doesn't agree early voting but respects if decision. he is hoping for a rematch
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against martin o'mally. a northern virginia man will be at utah supreme court today in hopes of gaining custody of his daughter. his daughter was adopted and taken to utah without his permission. his girlfriend gave birth last year without telling him and put emma up for adoption. >> it is now 5:06 on this thursday morning. outside we have 62 degrees. >> still ahead, are you ready for some football? the regular season begins tonight. we have a preview coming up in sports. >> plus some shocking allegations in the race for d.c. mayor. the story every voter needs to see. >> it is feeling little fall-like out there. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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>> 5:09. it is refreshing. feels great outside. look at these dew point numbers.
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going to be cooler tomorrow morning than what we have now. culpepper 61. silver springs, 62 degrees. martinsburg, 65. we'll probably drop another couple of degrees before the sun starts heating us up at 7:00 a.m.. 62nd 90-degree day of yesterday. it was a hot one but it was a dry heat so it didn't feel all that bad. we didn't have the humidity. a little breezy still today behind yesterday's cold front. temperatures go from the mid 90's yesterday down to the upper 70's later on today. tomorrow a few degrees cooler than what we have today but still sunny and pleasant. >> traffic good in the district now. no worries. new york avenue through northeast d.c.. pretty good shape.
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66 just starting to build in volume. eastbound traffic to get into centreville live, we'll go to the geico camera. here is the traffic stop on the shoulder there but everyone seems to be handling that just fine. back to the news desk. >> metro plans to shut down two stations during columbus day weekend. they will be closed and there will be no blue and orange line service at metro center. the closures last from frith friday october 8 at 10:00 p.m. until the following tuesday at 5:00 a.m. free shuttle buses will be available. some important news for you smart trip card users. metro is rethinking its decision to reduce the price of these cards and to do away with negative card balances. the changes could lead to a revenue loss of $1 million a
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month. they are considering scrapping the price drop. metro will discuss options at a meeting coming up thursday. >> 5:11 is your time now. 66 degrees outside. >> coming up, hands free facebooking? one car maker is testing a safe way to update your stats while you're behind the wheel. >> i want to take my vote back. >> plus a potential voting scandal. >> first the aftermath of hermine. texas gets slammed with heavy floods and tornadoes. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning to you. our top stories now at 5:14. two women were seriously injured when they were hit by a car in front of a restaurant. it was at the keren ethiopian
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restaurant. police have arrested the car's driver and said charges are pending in this case. a florida pastor says he will still go ahead with plans to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary to have september 11 attacks. this comes as more political figures are coming out against it. tropical storm hermine has caused widespread flooding in north tbs. it is blamed for at least -- in north texas. it is blamed for at least two deaths in the area. >> it is 5:15 now. we turn to the race for mayor this morning. we have uncovered new details in a potential voting scandal just days before the d.c. may oral primary. a d.c. man voted for incumbent mayor feinty.
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>> we confronted fenty's spokesman with williams' story. >> if there was a misconception or misunderstanding between you and whomever you spoke to. >> did you believe they offered you a job? >> yes. >> since early voting began, the fenty campaign has brought early voters. >> rudolph williams claim he was duped. >> they bribed us for a vote and never contact us for a job. >> he was with a group of young people when a van pulled up promising jobs if they got in the van and voted for the mayor. he said he register and voted for the mayor. he never heard back about the job. he called the number they gave him. >> i was promised a job from the fourth through 14th for my vote for mayor fenty. >> i understand how you feel.
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they had to stop at a certain number because they had too many people. >> that is not how we operate. we would never ever promise anything of any value to anybody in exchange of support of the mayor. >> williams says he is so angry now he wants his vote back. >> now that i didn't even receive any money or dependent even have a job, it is like -- didn't even have a job, i want to take my vote back. >> we asked the head of the board of elections to investigate further and he told us that indeed last thursday at 2:29 p.m. williams voted here. >> so we spoke with fenty's opponent vince gray about these allegations. he said he had not heard the allegation that the fenty campaign promised one person for a job for their vote but the if they did that, it is just wrong.
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>> it is illegal and they should be prosecuted. i think whenever there are such allegations they have to be taken seriously. there are board's general council said it had not heard anything but if the allegation proves troo it would in fact be illegal. coming up, more bad news for mayor fenty and who he is now asking for help. now noed the's tech bite bites. facebooking behind the wheel? >> under today's tech bites, google speeds up searches. the company has unveiled google instant. it displays search results as soon as you start topping. type a and results for aol come up. add a b and you'll get abc. nike has released a new ad for
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the iphone. it tracks your pace, distance and route and tracks it on a map. it is designed to push you to go further and faster or longer than previous runs. the app cost, two bucks. finally, can't get enough of facebook? soon you may be able to update your status while driving. g.m. said it won't roll out to feature until it is sure it won't distract drivers. >> and it is time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we check in with adam. it is a little cooler than we have seen in a while. >> refreshing. it is fantastic. don't even think about turning your air conditioner on today or tomorrow. no need at all. >> open the windows. >> turn on the ceiling fans. let the fresh air work its way around. a great day today. comfortable. temperatures in the 50's and
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60's. we're going to go from the mid 90's yesterday to the upper 70's today. that's what i love about september cold fronts. look at the difference they make. arlington at 63. 61 in ashburn and frederick. winchester 68. bowie at 63. yesterday's average was 82. now it is down for 81 for the average high temperature today. the record high today is 98 degrees. we're going to be below average for high temperatures. you will see clear skies overhead in our region. cold front far to the south and east. september cold front a lot more progressive than the cold front we get in summertime. they bring in cooler temperatures. there is the remnants of hermine. we could get some moisture from that sunday. it will be a different cause.
5:21 am
a system coming in that will drop some of that moisture. a lot of sunshine. cooler and less humid. still a little breezy but not quite as gusty as what wepped yesterday. -- we had yesterday. by sunday, that's our next chance of showers but unfortunately it doesn't look like much in terms of rain. lisa, how is the traffic? >> police activity but you're able to get through unscathed. 15 at 55. i have no worries to report in maryland. travel times in our favor between richmond and baltimore on 95. >> ok, lisa. thank you very much. 62 degrees outside. your time now is 5:21. >> with albert haynesworth, the situation is resolved. the red skins turn their attention to dallas. we have the scoop on their game plan. >> and on oprah, super model
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >> hockey star sidney cross bishowed off his baseball skills. he showed he could switch to a
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sport where there is no alex ovechkin and he has the chance of being best in the league. nhl preseason games begin on october 21. >> the regular football season begins sunday. >> good morning. the red skins continue to rehearse their game plan for the dallas cowboys. make no mistake about it, the red skins are an underdog. albert haynesworth will be playing. donovan mcnabb calls him a brother in the locker room. mike shanahan thoughs they need to be at their best to have a chance against the cowboys. >> a team that gets kicked around and bullied. as a defense we're going to come out with the mentality, we know what they want to do. run the ball. we're going to try and stop the run. it is going to feel nice to have
5:26 am
some firepower. it is going to be nice. >> some of the red skins of old were at union jacks last night to reminisce and regenerate some of those old feelings about the cowboys. a good time was had by all. bring on the cowboys. have a great day, everybody. >> 5:26 is your time. 61 degrees outside. the good news continues. >> still ahead, strayeding state stores for transportation. how selling booze could make a morning drive a little more smooth. >> despite international backlash, one pastor's plan to burn the koran on 9/11. he is not backing down. >> nearly a 20-degree temperature difference between this afternoon and what we had ye
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>> straight ahead this half-hour. fighting for their lives. two women suffer serious injuries after a runaway car slams into a restaurant. >> good morning, washington. it is thursday september 9. we're so glad you're joining us on this chilly morning out there. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam, it has been a while. 61 degrees. it has been a while since it has been this cool. >> you refer to this as a chilly morning and after the hottest summer in washington, 61 degrees is kind of chilly. >> you're from minnesota. >> it was a cold winter and of
5:30 am
course very snowy. 60 is good. >> it is all relative. >> it shows you how you get used to the season. we're in the 50's to low 60's. landover, 63. hagerstown and linzburg at 67. here is your forecast. mostly sunny skies. a sharp contrast to the temperatures we had yesterday. today mid to upper 70's. nearly 20-degree temperature drop. you wonder why i love september so much. tomorrow, mid 70's. a lot of sunshine, next chance of rain. still looks like on sunday but not a washout. we could use a washout but doesn't look like we'll get it. >> we have a big sling of traffic starting to make its way around the beltway adam caskey, in fine fax, i -- fine fashion,
5:31 am
i might add. traffic moving smartly on the roosevelt bridge and also good on the beltway is the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. our top story, two women seriously hurt when a car ran up on a sidewalk outside a front. >> all of this happened around 9:00 intersection of 18th street and florida avenue. pamela brown joins us with the latest. >> well, the two women, who are in their 20's remain in the hospital this morning. one of them is suffering life-threatening injuries after being hit by the car last night. this was quite a scene. you can see the debris left over in front of this restaurant in adam morgan after this car plowed through front of it.
5:32 am
the bay window smashed in. it is now boarded up. a car lost control about 8:45 last night and ran up the sidewalk and into the pedestrians and then the restaurant. one of the women is in critical condition. officials say the driver refused to be transported for treatment and was irate as she was being handcuffed by police. now fortunately there were patrons in that restaurant and they were not injured. officials are trying piece together how this happened and talking to eyewitnesses trying to figure out what factors may have been involved in this accident. we know at this hour charges are pending against female driver of that car. >> nine people were taken to the
5:33 am
hospital after a van and s.u.v. collided at the intersection of commerce street and lois field drive. fewer people are dying on the nation's highways. the transportation says nearly 34,000 people died on the nation's roads in 2009 down nearly 10% from 2008 and the lowest number since 1950. safety officials give credit to more drivers wearing their seat belts and driving vehicles with better safety features. >> we are just two days away from the nine-year anniversary of 9/11. this morning local muslims are speaking out about the controversial plan to burn copies of the koran. we have what they are saying and why it won't matter to that florida pastor. >> good morning. local leaders and religious leaders all over the world are speaking out trying to help people understand the koran but
5:34 am
pleas from those leaders and politicians seem to be falling on deaf ears. r >> on the ninth anniversary of september 11, some plan to remember the terrorist attacks and the lives lost in a different way. >> burning of the koran is to call the attention that something is wrong. >> this saturday, pastor terry jones plans to burn copies of the the muslim holy book, a plan he says he will not cancel despite government concerns that it could endanger lives abroad. >> the church is no more than 50 people. how can they make this outrageous and disstressable, disgraceful plan and get the world's attention. there are planned burning does have the attention to have metro region. last night a local muslim leader
5:35 am
gathered with many to dispel myths about the koran. >> this one groupor christians is going to burn a book that talks so much about jesus christ and mary in the koran. >> as the interfaith group gathered, imam appeared on larry king live saying like jones he won't back down. >> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. >> jones says he has received more than 100 death threats and is now carrying a gun. >> all right. thanks so much, courtney. president obama hopes that tax cut also help jump-start the ailing economy and help create jobs. his new plan includes extending and expanding a research and development tax credit and he
5:36 am
also wants to allow businesses to write off investments and new plans and equipment. mr. obama wants to let some of the bush tax cuts continue at this end of this year as well. >> virginia governor bob mebbed wants to sell -- mcdonald wants to sell state-owned liquor stores to private projects. licenses would be auctioned off, about triple the number of lick or the stores that now exist -- liquor stores that now exist. some worry it may lead to alcoholism. >> we may have problems with consumption. >> they don't seem to know how the generate money any other way. why not let moms and pops tone liquor store own the liquor stores and get money from them. >> your time now, 5:36.
5:37 am
61 degrees outside. >> cutting the heavy load of textbooks for students and their parents. >> plus the ultimate endorsement. d.c.'s mayor asks for help from the white house. >> first another check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes on this thursday
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exhibition all about legos. after you see these amazing skyscrapers, it is time for you to play. good morning, washington. >> 5:39 on this thursday morning. boy is it nice out. it is refreshing. open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate today. 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than what we had yesterday afternoon. low humidity as well. la plata, 67. frederick, 59. for the most part in the upper 70's and low 60's. high temperatures in the upper 70's. turn off the air conditioner. now a look at our commute. >> metro rail, normal service. we understand that we're on normal travel times for it. 66 and 270.
5:41 am
we'll take you to a live picture now. the beltway traffic. show you what it looks like at new hampshire avenue. back to you. >> all right, thanks, lisa. well, just two chances left to win a trip to new york for a very special race. we're talking about that high-heel-a-thop. all week long watch "regis and kelly." the -- if you get all five key words for five chances to win you can see the complete details and rules on our website, >> are you training? >> not exactly. i'm sure there are plenty of people who are. >> you're not doing sprints in your high heels? >> no, i'm looking for flip-flops about now. >> it is 5:41. we have 61 degrees. >> coming up in our morning
5:42 am
chat. been there, won that. the red, white and blue tribute to troops who just left the iraq war. >> and it is a democratic primary draws near, hear who mayor adrian fenty is now calling on. >> first, fighting the flames in colorado as more homes go up in spoke smoke. we'll have details in
5:43 am
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be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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>> welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories now at 5:45 this morning. two people were seriously injured after they were hit by a car that slammed into a restaurant in northwest d.c. it happened at the keren ethiopian restaurant. police have arrested the driver and charges are pending in this case. opposition continues for a florida pastor to burn copies of
5:46 am
the koran. the pastor says he will still go through with this event on saturday. colorado authorities say four people are missing in that area where a massive wildfire is burning. officials say the blaze, which is about 10% contained, has destroyed at least 135 homes. >> 5:46 is the time now. we are just five days away from the distribute's primary election. it is looking like -- district's primary election. adrian fenty isn't throwing in the towel. he is asking for help from the big guns. we have the very latest. >> good morning to you. the new numbers released show that may cror fenty trailing his chief rival vincent gray. according to a new poll released by the clarus research shows gray leading fenty by seven
5:47 am
percentage points. 14% of voters are said to be undecided. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. we understand mayor fenty is looking for help. talking about those big guns from the white house. he called asking president obama to endorse him before the september 14 primary. the winner to have that primary is almost -- of that primary is almost guaranteed the job because there is no republican challenger. stay tuned at 6:00 this morning for abc 7 news vggetting the shocking campaign -- investigating the shocking campaign allegations every vote r needs to hear about. >> some candidates say ballots feature endorsements that were never made. they have been handed out by a
5:48 am
group called citizens tr change. a d.c. family is really upset at the city after a young child died. when 4-month-old aniyah holmes quit breathing they flagged down a police officer. that officer radioed for help and began c.p.r. an ambulance was dispatched to their home during rush hour. by the time she was taken to the hospital, she was dead. an alexander reia neighborhood intersection, a woman told police someone grabbed her from behind, dragged her behind a wall and sexually assaulted her. >> the winners of this years blue ribbon school awards will be honored.
5:49 am
arnie duncan will announce the winners this morning for schools without walls. 5:48. 61 degree outside. time for traffic and weather. >> what a day it is. >> nice and refreshing. >> very refreshing. big chang compared to what we had yesterday. >> the 62nd 90-degree day. if we get five more, i don't think we can, that will tie record. it gets harder and harder every day. we lose on average of two minutes of sunlight every day. look at the cold fronts moving through. point that yesterday, upper 70's today. reagan national, 66 degrees. dark outside. sun isn't up for another hour. humidity extremely low. that allows our nighttime temperatures to drop further as
5:50 am
well. you have the clear skies at night with that really dry air allow allowing temperatures to plummet. in potomac, we're 55. culpepper, silver springs, 61. the high temperature at reagan national, cooler. average high temperature now is 81 degrees. the record today is 98. we'll be in the upper 70's. there are the recommend innocents of -- remnantsor hermine. we could see a little bit of that moisture break off with a new system has is going to push our way for sunday. 78 the high temperature today. a lot of sunshine. still a little breezy. here is the extended forecast. tomorrow a loot like today. sunny -- a lot like today. sunny. there is the chance of showers for sunday. i wish i could say it is going to be a rainy day because that's
5:51 am
what we need around here. back to lisa. >> it is a nice commute. as far as interstate travel, beltway travel, nothing on the washington national parkway. a good run along d.c. 295 between the beltway and the 11th street bridge. still a decent pace. let's go back inside. >> thank you, lease i. well, we are getting our first look behind the scenes the new season of "dancing with the stars stars" take a look at this. the first picture to have kind of costumes brissol palin is going to be wearing. sarah palin's 19-year-old daughter told "people" magazine she will be the most dressed out of the new cast. sporting costumes like this long black number. >> time will tell.
5:52 am
>> it is a competition heats up. folks shed a few layers. >> that is a pretty dress, though. >> it is, it is beautiful. >> gentlemen, if you want to look better to the ladies, just dance well. english scientists have the data to prove it. they had men dance for the cameras and then animated their groove. the researchers say in nature and in humans, it is the vulgar displays that display virility. there are first night of steven colbert's second episode of "been there, won that." as usual he went way over the top. >> now, it is easy to say the iraq war is over but actually ending it might take a little
5:53 am
longer. what do you think, 50,000 troops still in iraq? so bring out the pretty girls. >> he welcomed a studio filled with iraq war veterans to celebrate the end of combat operations. he supplied them beer and hot dogs. the hot dog vendor was vice president joe biden there. getting in on the action. >> he said hey, hot dog guy. >> that's vice president joe biden to you. >> 5:53 is
5:54 am
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>> we all know that college textbooks are expensive but some students are getting a break. >> because more and more bookstores are beginning to offer textbooks for rent at half price. they began offering these rentals last spring and this semester the list for books to rent there is even longer. >> why didn't it happen sooner? most students don't really keep their books. renting them is the perfect solution. >> a lot of students don't know on average per year they spend $900 on text books. that adds up over years especially when students can't sell their books back. >> students can still make notes
5:57 am
and highlight parts of the text and turn the books over when the semester is over >> that makes sense. >> just when they have to update with new materials is when you run into issue. >> i think you should be able to buy your textbooks in kindle. tds going to be like $30 and a lot lighter. >> 5:57 is the time. there is a lot more still to come in our second hour of "good morning washington." coming up the first lady and football. michelle obama's lates efforts to keep kids fit. she has moves. >> and a car hits two pedestrians this morning. they are fighting for their lives. an
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead, a developing story this morning. two women rammed by a car in adams morgan. we'll get an update on their condition. >> the whole world is waiting to see if a florida pastor will follow through with his plan to burn copies of the koran. >> first, it is feeling a little more like fall outside. how long is this going to last? "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in h.d., this is "good morning washington" on your side. >> welcome back, everybody. once again we say


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